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Welcome to the internet homepage of The Republican Party of Polk County, Florida. Please click on the links at the top of the page to browse through our various menu options. Our site makes extensive use of hyperlinks, also know as weblinks. These links, which appear as red or underlined blue text, will direct you to other locations on our site, email addresses or other websites associated with our cause. 

To all Republicans (and a few Democrats and independents) in Lakeland,

Polk County, Florida and across the nation...

Thank You!!

We asked you to donate your time, talent and treasure to get out the vote, and you got it out in convincing fashion! As a result, we're now heading into a new era of hope, with a promise from Donald Trump to Make America Great Again. Just as importantly, though, we elected Republicans up and down the ballot at all levels. As satisfying as those victories might be, this is no time to rest on our laurels and squander a great opportunity.

Before you know it, the 2018 elections will be in our faces, and we will need to have strong Republican candidates ready to take on all comers. Imagine the possibilities if Florida had two Republican U.S. Senators (bye, Bill Nelson!), or if the Senate were able to invoke cloture to break filibusters (60 votes needed), or better yet, could achieve a supermajority (67 votes)? These possibilities are within reach if we all do our part to help show the rest of the country that Republican policies really do WORK!


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