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    In 1836 Pres. Andrew Jackson ‘removed’ the Native Americans living in the Southeastern states on the Trail of Tears during which a quarter of them died to the Oklahoma Indian Territory.

    1864-1865 House Democrats defeated passage of the Thirteenth amendment to abolish slavery 3 times, it finally passed during the 1865 Lame Duck session when several-defeated Dems switched sides on their way out.

    It was the Democrats who started the Civil War to maintain their southern lifestyle of slavery. It was the Republicans who declared war in their effort to abolish slavery.

    Pres. Woodrow Wilson institutionalized segregation by segregating the Federal workplace; black soldiers in WWI were treated in French hospitals because the army hospitals did not have black wards.

    Under President Franklin Roosevelt Democrats arrested and round up Japanese American citizens and placed them in barbed wire enclosed camps. The Democrats don’t like to talk about their past and don’t want you to be aware of it.

    Now they want to give legal rights and financial support to illegal immigrants, ignoring the rights of the American citizens. They scream about immigrant children being separated from their parents at the southern border. The reality is most children entered this country with total strangers. They want no borders, they want to abolish ICE.

    They say if a conservative judge is appointed to the Supreme Court millions of Americans will die…really, yes they are serious. Although they fail to mention how many have died through abortion. Even if Roe v. Wade were overturned (which is highly unlikely) the right to an abortion would remain a state right. Some states would allow it; some wouldn’t so abortion would still be available. However the Democrats won’t want you to know that.

    They rigged the election against Bernie Sanders (and never denied it), he lost, and Hillary won. They attempted to rig the Presidential election, Hillary lost, Trump won and they have never gotten over it. Now they are in panic mode because their corruption is being exposed.

    The bottom line is this. Do you think the country and its citizens have improved under this President? Forget the talk, the headlines, concentrate on the actions. It’s not about what is said it’s about what is done. We are at war with a socialists left and it is critical that we get out and vote Republican. A lot has been accomplished but a lot more needs to be done so do your part and vote based on facts not talking points.

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