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    When it comes to politics, everyone comes to a point when they feel like they have to DO SOMETHING. Sometimes, one or two big things lead you to a crossroads. Other times, the moment of truth is triggered by lots of little things that keep adding up over a long period. This time, it may be both.

    What is it that's brought you here today? Is it the foolish idea that we should keep our borders open to all, including those who want a handout rather than a hand up, or worse, mean to do us harm? Maybe its the completely irresponsible notion that we can continue to run up debt that our future generations will never be able to pay back? Could it be the current administration's haphazard usage of Executive Orders that reinforce their mistaken belief that Congress, and ultimately, you, don't know what's good for you? Or is it the twisted logic that promotes violence against law enforcement officers and racial divisiveness in our communities because of the inexcusable actions of a few. Maybe, just maybe, its that there's a strong contender for the presidency of these United States who should be facing multiple trials for lawless behavior rather than running for the highest office in the land? Whatever it is, and it may be multiple things, NOW is your chance to DO SOMETHING!  

    If ever there was a time for you to join the Republican Party, it's RIGHT NOW, regardless of what brought you here. We have always been the party that believes in the Constitution and the power of the individual, not the power of government. The party that was created by anti-slavery activists over 160 years ago is still fighting for freedom from the slavery of government entitlement programs. We're still fighting for interpretations of the Constitution that the Founders intended to keep in place. We're still fighting to live within our means and keep from spending away our children's futures. And most importantly, we're still fighting for your individual freedoms and less government intrusion into everyone's lives.

    There is still time to turn our country away from the cliff, but the last turn to the right is coming up fast. We know that you're bewildered, disgusted and angry, and you have every reason to be. We are, too. Work with us and join the Republican Party today...RIGHT NOW...while there's still time. We need "all hands on deck" to win back our nation.


    YOU matter.

    YOUR CHILDREN matter.

    YOUR VOTE matters.


    Join the GOP today!

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