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Recommendations on Offices

Obviously, we want you to vote for Republicans.  But some offices do not allow the candidates to say what party they belong to.

We want you to vote for the most conservative person on the ballot for each office.  In that light, we offer the following endorsements:

Circuit Judge, 10th Judicial Circuit, Group 10  Melissa Gravitt

School Board, District 3  Scott Jones

School Board, District 5  Jennifer Sabin


Recommendations for Amendments and Ballot Issues for 2018

Amendment 1

Increased homestead exemption.  This restructures and increases the FL homestead exemption in FL.

If passed, it will work like this: 

$0 – 25K is exempt.

$25-50K is taxed.

$50K -75K is exempt except for School

$75 – 100K is taxed

$100K-125 K is exempt except for school

All above $125K is taxed.

Recommend YES


Amendment 2

Limitations on Property tax assessments.

This applies to businesses and extends a current practice.  Limits tax assessments to 10% increase each year, similar to our house limitations at 3%

Recommend YES


Amendment 3

Voter Control of Gambling

Requires ballot approval of gambling enterprises in FL.

Does not apply to Indian casinos (Federal control), parimutuel betting.

No Recommendation


Amendment 4

Voter Restoration

Restores voting rights to felons after completion of required punitive assignments.  Does not apply to murder or certain sexual crimes.

It does not address repeat or habitual offenders.

Other violent offenders are still included.

No Recommendation


Amendment 5

Supermajority required to raise taxes or fees

This applies only to state money, not local.

There is an argument that the state is less agile in emergencies.

Recommend YES


Amendment 6

Rights of Victims; Judges

Codifies victim rights.

Extends mandatory judge retirement from 70 yo to 75.

Recommend YES


Amendment 7

First Responder; Military survivors; Public colleges and universities.

Extends benefits to first responders and survivors.

Requires 2/3 majority to raise legislatively approved fees at colleges (does not include tuition)

Establishes the state college system as a state entity similar to the state university system.

Recommend YES



Amendment 8 was tossed by the supreme court.



Amendment 9

Offshore Drilling and Vaping

(think clean air and clean water)

Places restrictions in the constitution that are in existence already for drilling.

Restricts vaping similar to smoking.  This responds to recent studies about vaping and second hand smoke from these devices.

No Recommendation


Amendment 10

Local, state government structure and operation.

Establishes a uniform structure for local governments (county) and requires elections of constitution officers.

Some counties require it, some don’t.

Codifies the state legislature calendar.

It does not affect Polk.

No Recommendation


Amendment 11

This amendment is an admin cleanup to get rid of obsolete sections.

Recommend YES


Amendment 12


This lengthens the time a legislator is restricted from lobbying from 2 years to 6 years.

Why not?

Recommend YES


Amendment 13

Ends Dog racing

*** This one is big issue****

AND Hidden

You Should OPPOSE AMENDMENT 13 in the General Election

Amendment 13 to the Florida Constitution is being characterized as an amendment to end wagering (betting) on greyhound races in Florida, but it goes much further than that. 

If Amendment 13 is passed, extreme animal rights organizations will have a new constitutional standard to challenge any and all activities they find objectionable.  In short, many suspect their first action will be to immediately begin work to ban all hunting and fishing. 

Amendment 13 includes the phrase:

“The humane treatment of animals is a fundamental value of the people of the State of Florida.”  That language will not appear on the ballot, BUT IT IS IN THE AMENDMENT.

Since reasonable people don’t want animals treated inhumanely, at first blush many Floridians would agree with that statement in general terms.  However, there is a vast difference between what the public believes is “inhumane” and what animal rights extremists groups and their supporters would call “inhumane.” 

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), is the lead organization pushing for Amendment 13’s passage.   HSUS opposes hundreds of common and traditional activities involving animals because they claim they are “inhumane.” 

In fact, the list of activities HSUS and other animal extremist organizations find objectionable is huge and includes hunting, fishing, farming, animal husbandry, marine parks and more.  That’s what this is really about.

Those groups even claim that animals shouldn’t be owned as pets because it’s inhumane.  

In short, Amendment 13 is not really about greyhound racing, it’s a front for much more.  

Clearly the intent is to establish a legal foothold in the Florida Constitution that they can use to go after legitimate activities, like hunting, that they don’t like. 

Recommend  NO



Polk County Charter Amendments:

Amendment 1

Polk County Efficiency Commission

The commission recommends they no long meet.

Saves money (a little).

Recommend YES


Amendment 2

Term limits

Sound like they are establishing term limits for County Commissioners.


This extends current term limits from 2 terms to 3 terms.

Recommend NO.


Amendment 3

Changes charter review from 8 years to 12.

Recommend YES



Extends existing ½ cent sales tax for school building and improvements.

No Recommendation