What is a Committee Person?


The Polk County Republican Executive Committee is made up of precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen elected to four-year terms with each Presidential Preference Primary. In between the Presidential Primary elections, the Committee fills vacant positions by application from eligible voters in the County. Even if the available positions in your precinct are currently filled, there are usually Alternate positions available.

The process is simple, the commitment is real. Attend a meeting to witness first hand how we function and meet the civic activists that make up our Committee. We’ll then help you understand our function and the roll of precinct Committeemen and women via an online or “in person” orientation session. At your next Republican Executive Committee meeting following orientation and verification of eligibility, the REC will vote to confirm your membership. You’ll be brought on board, and we’ll help you find the perfect way for you to get plugged in.

Please contact us now for more information about how to join!


In order to be considered for membership in the PCREC, each candidate must meet the following qualifications:

1. Candidates must reside within the precinct they wish to represent.

2. Candidates must be registered Republican voters within Polk County.

3. Candidates must file a party loyalty oath with both the Polk County Supervisor of Elections and the Republican Party of Florida.

4. Candidates cannot have been registered voters of a party other than Republican within 365 days of qualifying period for committee men and women.


The main objective of a precinct Committeeman or Committeewoman is to effectively turn out at least seventy percent of their precinct’s registered Republicans for elections. To accomplish this objective, a precinct Committee person must reach out to their neighborhood. Here is a list of objectives that help attain this goal:

  • active involvement and dedication to precinct building and organizational duties;
  • be the contact point and liaison to your precinct throughout the year;
  • build or obtain database information for activists, volunteers, and favorable voters in your precinct;
  • organize your precinct with leaders by blocks, streets, and/or neighborhoods.
  • recruit and train volunteers within your precinct;
  • distribute literature and information on Republican candidates, election procedures, laws and dates throughout your precinct;
  • organize precinct meetings, events, and rallies;
  • organize house to house, phone bank, and mail campaigns to identify Republicans in your precinct;
  • register Republicans to vote (state laws apply);
  • switch Democrats, Independents, and non-affiliated voters to register Republican;
  • help implement all phases and components of the Republican Party of Florida Victory Campaign;
  • host candidate campaign efforts within your precinct;
  • support the PCREC through sustaining financial contributions; and,
  • regularly attend PCREC meetings.



Since September 2010, the PCREC has grown from 80 members to 220, largely because many have decided that voting is no longer enough. We also realize that in order to be fully effective, we must grow and develop a well-funded, professionally functioning organization. Join us and be a part of something amazing here in Polk County and help us build history together! Join the PCREC and be part of a growing force for change. Want to meet other Republicans? Join one of the many Republican Clubs in the area.


We work very hard to be fiscally responsible, but it takes adequate funding to make things happen. We ask PCREC Committeemen and Committeewomen to make ongoing, sustaining contributions as they are able. We also ask the community at large to partner with us financially in this critical effort. Click here to be directed to our "Donate" page and contribute to the cause at whatever level and frequency you deem affordable, or Click here!


Even if you are not a member of the PCREC, you can still make an impact in your community. Please contact us for additional information about how you can become involved as a volunteer or if you have any questions or comments. We are eager to hear from you! Our goal is to educate and inform the electorate.

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