REC Committees

The PCREC maintains five standing committees that assist with the day-to-day operations of the organization. The following describes the tasks assigned to each group. If you are an REC member with an interest in any of the functions, please consider volunteering to serve on one of these committees.

Membership Committee

Welcoming – To mentor new members from first meeting through swearing-in and committee sign-ups; to help provide welcoming atmosphere before and after REC meetings.

Activities/Event Planning – To plan and organize events like political rallies, candidate meet & greet, and REC parties/events/functions, etc.

Recruitment (Committee Person) – To recruit and maintain active REC members.

Volunteer Recruitment and Management – To recruit and manage scheduling of non-REC volunteers to assist with special projects and elections.

Voter Registration/Voter Influence – To organize and recruit new voters in precincts through voter drives.

Education/Training Committee

Candidate/Bench Development – Candidate development and training.

Government Issues and Accountability – To gather and disseminate information regarding current political and government events and issues.

Orientation – To develop tools to train new REC members in desired duties and to provide educational opportunities for membership.

Precinct Development – To develop a method for organizing, structuring, and activating precinct involvement.

Communications Committee

Liaison – To create/maintain relationship between REC and groups with similar core values.

Call To Action – To respond to call to action by Government Issues and Accountability Committee as needed.

Public Relations/Communications – To distribute relevant information to our membership and the general public.

History– To document history of PCREC activities through photographs and text.

Finance Committee

Oversight - To provide oversight for annual audit and ongoing financial activities; to develop financial policies.

Fundraising – To facilitate raising funds for ongoing operations through events, sustaining contributions, etc. Find cooperative donors.

Technology Committee

Audio/Visual – To develop, conduct, and maintain modern audio/visual capabilities in support of various REC objectives and functions.

Social Networking – To develop and maintain an up-to-date, real time presence on various social networking outlets.

Internet Presence – To develop and maintain an up-to-date, relevant presence on the World Wide Web that will support and facilitate the function and objectives of the PCREC. To create what can serve as a “hub” resource of information and tools for the REC, Republican Clubs and Conservative Organizations throughout Polk County.

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