Our Staff

Our staff devotes hours of time and talent to convey our message, not only to Republican voters, but to all residents of Polk County! They work hard to assist our executive board and keep our organization running smoothly. Our current staff includes:

Francheska Markus 

RPOF Regional Director - Francheska Markus

Francheska serves as our liaison between the RPOF and the REC. Questions, suggestions or comments for Francheska should be directed to fmarkus@rpof.org.

Tom Shaw

Webmaster and IT Administrator - Tom Shaw

Tom has been a member of the REC and a precinct committeeman since 2016. Prior to joining the REC, he served as the central Florida Regional Director for The 2016 Committee's Ben Carson for President campaign. In addition to his duties as our webmaster and IT administrator, he also serves in a similar capacity for the Republican Club of Lakeland. Questions, suggestions or comments for Tom should be directed to itadmin@polkgop.org


We know that your time is valuable, but we need all the help we can get to keep things moving forward in our efforts to put the Democrats in their place...at home! If you have skills and/or experience that would benefit our efforts, please consider sharing some of your time with us by going to our Volunteer page and signing up.     

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