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    Just arrived,ready to get started. rtb
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    We are living in exciting times!

    Just a few months ago, many of us despaired that we could turn back the terrible tide of [you can easily fill in the blank] flooding our country.

    Since the November 9 [ca. 2:30am] victory, I have read and heard people label it “a miracle.”

    I agree! It was/is a miracle!

    Continue to pray: the enemies of liberty persist in fighting President Trump EVERY step of the way.

    Pray. We won in November by prayer. We will win ONLY by the same strategy: PRAYER.

    God Bless America! Land that We Love!
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    Trump wins! America core values are safe once again
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    The tides are turning as the truth is revealed
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    Never mind what trump said, look at Bill Clinton did in office, and also look how Hilary answered the phone in Libya at 3 in the morning.
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    Sample ballot now available at
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    Anybody seen a link to the sample ballot yet? I want to be prepared for the most important election of our life.
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    “Thank you Hillary for advertising my products to demonstrate the need for fair trade programs. By eliminating out sourcing I will be able to sell to all Americans at a reasonable price.”
    • Has anyone read that Mr. Khan was paid $2,500 to present his speech written by the Democratic committee??*
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    Tim stack
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    The decay started with the Johnson Amendment, continued with Roe vs Wade, and is almost complete with Obillary.

    Because the school systems are forced to shy away from any positive mention of God, Country, and Family, our children naturally assume it is bad.

    The access to “instant” knowledge has decreased the attention span of most to the point where they no longer remember Obillary’s trail of shame.

    So it is no wonder why so many will vote wrong. They either have forgotten, or have been brainwashed to the point where they WANT to see America fail.
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    Its time for a big Change, we don’t need 8 more years of this!!!!!!!
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    Let’s get on the Trump train and vote someone as President that loves our country!
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    The “no trump” people had better get into line or they will be responsible for electing at least four more years of obama in the guise of Hillary-ous Clinton, in the White House. Wake up and smell the coffee. Elite Politicians are not listening to the American people. We have spoken. Get with the program.